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Joe Dorion, a dive shop owner and PADI Dive instructor for many years from British Columbia, has been manufacturing dive harnesses since 1996. His enthusiasm and diverse knowledge of diving equipment allowed him to develop reliable, durable, and specialized commercial diving harnesses, called Custom Diving Harnesses. In 2022, Joe decided he was ready for a new adventure and retired from making diving harnesses professionally.

Water Safety Stop Inc. is a small family-run Ontario-based commercial diving business, established and growing since 2012. Owned and operated by Chris and Nicole, we offer commercial books, equipment, and apparel for students and active divers available online with the ability to attend trade shows in person.

Joe sold Custom Diving Harnesses to Water Safety Stop Inc. in Ontario. He also shared his time, knowledge, and expertise, training Chris in person on the equipment, methods, and materials at his home in British Columbia. Forever grateful for this time together, Chris brought the business back to Ontario.

Harness manufacturing is a significant step in the future of our business and an excellent product for our customers. Although some changes will occur to the company and product lines, the Bell Harness and the Superior Harnesses will still be manufactured, meeting Joe’s quality assurance.

Understandably, WSSI is undergoing some changes and reorganizing to accommodate harness manufacturing. Please bear with us as we get the kinks worked out, get our harnesses recertified, and continue to produce the quality harnesses that Joe is known for.

Due to unavoidable delays, we are not selling harnesses currently. However, please email admin@watersafetystop.ca with your requests and we will work with you once all the legalities are completed. Also, look at the WSSI website, as we have a small inventory of Joe’s harnesses still available.

We look forward to serving your commercial dive harness needs and appreciate your patience while our company shifts.

With our thanks,
Chris and Nicole

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